There is something in the program for everyone, and everyone is welcome to come and swim with the Chronos Masters.

The Halifax Chronos Masters Swim Club (HCMSC) provides membership for novice swimmers and elite athletes over the age of 18 with three different levels of training:

Each category provides for a different type of swimming experience for athletes with specific training goals.

HCMSC offers coached swimming for those who have the ability to complete a few hundred meters and who wish to increase their endurance. This club is for recreational and fitness swimmers, triathletes and competitive swimmers. 

The club provides an opportunity to improve stroke mechanics, develop a fitness level that enhances daily living, or achieve competitive goals. We also cater to athletes who are presently swimming in competitions and want to increase their skill and performance through a team environment.  

Our swim times at Centennial pool for the 2023 - 24 seasoon:

*lanes may change in response to demand

Fall Session: 

Early October - Late January (with break for Christmas)

Winter Session:

Early February - Late June

Membership rates are listed in the registration form including payment instructions and reference to the Pool Ettiquette (linked above)